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Gerri LevitasGerri Levitas offers personalized hypnosis sessions designed to unleash your potential and transform your life. At Bay Healing you will gain all the tools you need to unlock the awesome power of your mind.
Sometimes we just get in our own way ... isn't it time to remove the obstacles so that you can move forward and live your happiest, healthiest life?
Let Gerri be your guide on your journey towards personal growth and fulfillment...

Medical Hypnotherapy
Pain Management
Pre/Post Surgery
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


My passion is helping people
help themselves.

Hypnosis uses the amazing power
of your mind to release your negative,
subconscious blocks
and achieve the results you desire.
It will change your life!
Gerri Levitas

Performance Enhancement
Sports Hypnosis
Confidence Building
Success in the Workplace
Public Speaking


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Gerri Levitas
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