Developing Creativity

Developing CreativityWhen we were children, we created all the time. We had imaginary friends, we dreamed of adventures.


There was always such excitement when you got a new box of crayons. My favorite color was “burnt sienna”.


Do you remember yours? Can you remember the feeling?


With our adult responsibilities has come a pushing away of our fun, creative nature. Just for today, find a few minutes to create. What you choose to create is not important -– the process of creation is the key. This will release stagnant emotional energy. The creative power of the universe is infinite. The creative power within you also has no limitations.


Look for a way to create something unique, something that just springs from you. You do not need to be an artist, a writer or a musician. No one needs to see or hear your “creation”. This is an opportunity to let your imagination go free. The only stipulation is that you release all judgment in the process!


What inspires you to create?


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The Healing Power of Music

Healing MusicThey say…”music soothes the savage beast”. For me, music moves me unlike any other art. It stirs emotion in a very healing way.


How does music affect you? What kinds of music do you enjoy? Have you ever realized that we gravitate towards different music depending on our day or even our mood?


I happen to love classical music – particularly Chopin. A Chopin nocturne or sonata fills me with a passion that reaches deep into my soul. I also like the music of the 80’s which stirs happy memories. There is nothing more fun than turning the volume up and dancing away to a favorite tune – which I usually do when I am home alone!


Music can also heal. Music can quiet stressful feelings and slow down a racing heartbeat. It can create feelings of hope and love. Music is a gateway to the heart and soul.


What music affects YOU?