Looking for “Perfection”

I wonder where we got the idea that we have to be “perfect”. Is there even such a thing? Or is that bar constantly being raised so that we never get there?


Put simply…are we good enough, perfect enough, even with our imperfections?


When we make mistakes, as we surely will, we think that we have failed and that we are not measuring up. Yet we all make mistakes – its part of being human.


As one of my clients recently said to me, “That’s why there are erasers on the ends of pencils”. Wise words, indeed.


So what can we do to be free of the self critical voice from within that chides us when we make a mistake?


  • Remember that you are good enough – just for being you…with all of your strengths and with all of your flaws
  • Remember that your flaws are strengths not yet developed
  • Make a commitment to keep developing your strengths
  • Accept yourself with love and compassion
  • Be patient with yourself
  • Never forget that being imperfect is to be human – embrace this, and go out and live your perfectly, imperfect life with joy.

How to be More Patient

Is patience really a virtue? When we feel stuck in our lives, it is difficult for us to be patient. We are impatient with others, with ourselves and with time.


Sometimes we are faced with circumstances that are beyond our control. Other times the source of our feeling stuck comes from within.


Our negative habitual thinking has been firmly imprinted in our minds. We can become our own worse enemy when it comes to developing patience.


Here are some tips to become more patient~

· Be kind to yourself

· Ask for support

· Trust your intuition – it will always steer you in the right direction

· Release your resistance – go with the flow

· Don’t rush into making hasty decisions – think, and think again

· Change what can be changed

· Be in the present moment with things that you cannot change

· Get clear about your desires

· Take baby steps when necessary

And, as always, DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE!