Hypnosis for Stress Reduction

Feeling edgy and out of sorts? Feeling overwhelmed? It may be that life’s daily demands and stresses are affecting you in a negative way.


Current research now demonstrates the negative effect of stress upon our bodies. It is quite sobering, indeed. We are learning now that the effects of stress are even more profound than even realized before. Stress not only alters our bodies – it alters our minds as well. Prolonged stress can sensitize the body and create changes in brain chemistry. The onslaught of these stress chemicals has been shown scientifically to correlate with disease.


So here’s the good news~

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to minimize this effect. Hypnosis will guide you into a place calmness and relaxation. There are so many positive benefits of having a relaxed body; you can release tension, lower your blood pressure, make better decisions, have more energy, and achieve a state of well being.



  • Hypnosis helps us make reduce the clutter -– in our homes and in our minds.
  • Hypnosis enables us accept the things we cannot change -– without judgment.
  • Hypnosis assists us in feeling more energized.
  • Hypnosis leads to more fulfillment and well-being
  • Hypnosis allows us to both reduce the amount of stress we experience as well as learning to manage the stress we do have in our lives.


We learn to take control and to make time for ourselves. We are guided towards accepting ourselves without judgment and releasing our self limiting blocks. We learn new responses to old triggers.


For more information on how hypnosis can help you, contact Gerri Levitas, Certified Hypnotherapist, serving clients in Walnut Creek, California, as well as phone & Skype sessions for clients around the world.

Stress Relief Tip –- Open to the Light

Open to the Light for Stress Relief

One way to reduce our stress is to feel lighter and brighter. When we feel lighter, our mood picks up, we make decisions more easily, and we feel more hopeful and optimistic. We readily shine like the sun!


How can we accomplish this?


One way to FEEL lighter is to imagine it!


Let your mind imagine light from both within –- and around you. Take a moment and pretend that you can shine your light on the areas of yourself that would like some comfort, or healing.


Allow yourself to connect with the spark of light that makes you who you are.


You can also imagine that you can shine your light on others, offering support and guidance. You will find that when you allow your own positive energy to uplift someone else, you will feel more uplifted yourself.

The world becomes a happier place for us all.


Why struggle with stress? Now is the time to welcome calm relaxation into your mind and body. >>

Releasing Negative Emotions

Adapted from TransformationZ Stress Reduction Program


Negative emotions. We all have them, and we all wish to be rid of them!


Would you like to learn a way to release negative feelings and emotions in the privacy of your own home?


Sit down in a quiet room, and make yourself relaxed. Close your eyes and take a few deep, relaxing breaths. Begin to imagine that you are walking up a mountain. You are on a well worn path that is very comfortable. The air is clear and crisp and you feel wonderful.


Now imagine that you come to a clearing and it is time to rest. Find a nice spot to sit down. Take another deep breath. Look all around at the beautiful scene. You are safe and secure, ready to release the negative attachments that have been so burdensome. You never realized how easy it could be, for all that you need to do is speak your truth and let your words be carried by the echo of the canyon.


Trust your deep wise mind to guide you towards the words that will be most healing. Again, no right or wrong way. Speak from your heart and let the words echo all around you. Each reverberation of the echo solidifies at the deepest level the release you seek. When ready, imagine that you can stand up and slowly begin walking down the mountain. You will most certainly feel cleansed and refreshed.


Try this out and share your experiences in the comments below.

Looking for “Perfection”

I wonder where we got the idea that we have to be “perfect”. Is there even such a thing? Or is that bar constantly being raised so that we never get there?


Put simply…are we good enough, perfect enough, even with our imperfections?


When we make mistakes, as we surely will, we think that we have failed and that we are not measuring up. Yet we all make mistakes – its part of being human.


As one of my clients recently said to me, “That’s why there are erasers on the ends of pencils”. Wise words, indeed.


So what can we do to be free of the self critical voice from within that chides us when we make a mistake?


  • Remember that you are good enough – just for being you…with all of your strengths and with all of your flaws
  • Remember that your flaws are strengths not yet developed
  • Make a commitment to keep developing your strengths
  • Accept yourself with love and compassion
  • Be patient with yourself
  • Never forget that being imperfect is to be human – embrace this, and go out and live your perfectly, imperfect life with joy.

Stress Triggers – Get Rid of Them!


What are these triggers? And how do they manifest?


Most importantly, what can we do about them so that they don’t rule our lives?


A woman is struggling with the harshness of her partner’s tone of voice, which she feels is critical and demanding. She has become so sensitized to listening to his “tone”, that she hardly can hear the words he is saying.


A man is struggling with a feeling of overwhelm as his worries rise in direct correlation to his mounting bills and concerns about financial security. He suffers from anxiety attacks as soon as he walks through the door of his office. Interestingly, the anxiety eases as soon as he gets home.


The first step to releasing the triggers is to become MINDFUL. Accept yourself without judgment. Know that you are doing the best you can at this time.


The next step in releasing the triggers is to know that they are TEMPORARY. It is just a reaction to a thought – and remember, thoughts can be changed.


The final step is to let the feeling MOVE THROUGH YOU and then let it FLOAT AWAY.


Begin to become aware of what triggers your stress. Observe – do not judge.

Do you have any stress triggers that you want to release?

Powerful Ways to Lighten Up Your Day & Have Fun!

Are we having FUN yet??

We have all heard the expression, “Work hard, play hard”. I would like to suggest another expression, “Play easy”. Here’s another one – “Have fun!”


In our everyday, hectic lives we do not often create time to just have fun.


When we lighten up and have fun, we see all things around us in a different light.

Here are some simple yet powerful ways to lighten up your day – and they are FREE!

  • Tell a joke to someone
  • Take a dog for a run
  • Color a picture
  • Visit a zoo
  • Ride a bike
  • Take a hike
  • Take out a map and plan an exotic vacation
    (You need not have to go!)
  • Rent a funny video
  • Make paper animals
  • Blow bubbles
  • Go outside and take photos


Just for today find some moments, indeed, make the moments, to play and have fun. Do something silly. Chances are that it will put a smile on your face!

What do YOU like to do to have FUN?

Good Enough

Adapted from the TransformationZ Stress Reduction program.


When we don’t feel “good enough”, we get stuck in our ruts. Self critical comments fly around in our brain, both on the subconscious and conscious levels. We don’t feel in control, and the stress level escalates rapidly.


At a deep level, not feeling “good enough” emanates from a place of fear, worry, and insecurity. We do not feel trusting and we do not feel loveable. There is usually a resistance, however, to being present with these negative emotions. We close down and power through. “Get a grip”, we say to ourselves. We become impatient and frustrated – with ourselves and others. Many times it is our families that bear the brunt of these feelings.


You are worthy and deserving!


It is my belief that at a core level we are all perfect – even with our imperfections! When we accept ourselves, without criticism or judgment, we can then begin to move forward towards our transformation. Interestingly, accepting ourselves makes it easy to accept others as well.


Here are some ways to feel better~

  • Be kind to yourself
  • Be compassionate
  • Listen inwards to your intuition
  • Be patient
  • Be loving


What do you really LIKE about yourself?

Singin’ the Blues – and How to Change the Tune!

jumping-for-joyYou know the feeling -– when everything seems to be “off”, you are not on your game, and quite frankly, you feel lousy.


In a funk…down and out…there are many expressions for this feeling. The music industry is loaded with soulful, sad songs. Does it actually make us feel better to listen to these lyrics? Does misery really love company?


More importantly, what can we do to get ourselves out of the rut?


Here is a powerful tip that I have found to be helpful – with myself and with my clients.


Get moving!


Moving into action helps release the stress and shifts both body and mind towards positive energy.


We free up a tremendous amount of energy when we move our bodies. Our bodies were designed to move. Too often when we are stressed we forget to move; we can even forget to breathe deeply.


Spending too much time in our thoughts prevent us from clear thinking and clear decisions. Moving your body will free up energy –- not just physical, but mental as well.

Your Words Count!

Adapted from the TransformationZ stress reduction program

Words Count
The words we speak are extraordinarily powerful. They have the power to hurt as well as heal. When under stress we communicate without thinking; our words are often tinged with anger and resentment.


Sometimes we withhold, lapsing into the “silent treatment”. Other times we are sullen and critical. These are all coping mechanisms, ways we have learned to adapt to stressful situations.


A good way to stop and think about our words is to slow down and take a breath. I find this so helpful in my life. It opens awareness not just to our words, but also to how we speak as well. For it is not just the words we say but how we say them that is equally important. Often we speak quickly; our words come rushing out fast and furious, without being mindful to our inner feelings. When we open to the awareness of our words, we tend to speak more slowly, and we communicate more thoughtfully.


How do you communicate with others? With your family? With people at work? With yourself?

3 Simple Steps to Reduce Stress

Relieve StressStress….Unfortunately, a word built in not just to our vocabulary but in our everyday lives. From the harried mom overwhelmed in doing too many tasks in too few hours to the business executive struggling to survive in difficult economic times, we all seem to be living with stress.


The media is constantly barraging us with tips and strategies to reduce our stress, yet the more we read about it, the more we seem to have. Some people feel that it is just an inevitable part of life.


I actually do not agree. Of course, we all go through challenging and difficult times. Yet it is my sincere belief that at the core of our existence is a well of deep wisdom that will guide us toward our highest truth and enable us to live our life in the most meaningful way possible…even in those difficult times.


Here are 3 simple steps that you can take to start reducing your stress.


  1. Imagine. Just for today, give yourself permission to suspend all self doubt and self criticism. Imagine your life exactly as you wish it to be. Let your imagination soar!
  2. Acceptance. Just for today, be patient and loving with yourself. Be in the present moment. Listen to the inner guidance and just be.
  3. Release. Just for today, release the tension. Own your feelings, speak your truth, and don’t forget to breathe!


These three steps for reducing stress are featured in my TransformationZ 30-Day Stress Reduction Program. This unique program will reduce your stress and create more well-being in your life! In just 30 days you will learn simple, yet extraordinarily powerful steps to move beyond your blocks. Included is a 70 page action guide as well as 3 hypnosis recordings. Check out the Store page for more information.