The Underlying Issues of Obesity

First of all, I must say that I have always disliked the word “obesity”. The only word I dislike more is the word “fat”.
Being “overweight” is defined as an excessive amount of body weight that may come from muscles, bone, adipose (fat) tissue, and water. “Obesity” is defined as an excessive amount of adipose tissue.

What are the most prevalent issues surrounding obesity?

  • The most common challenge is in the area of emotional eating – we literally “eat” our feelings.  This self medicating behavior occurs both consciously and subconsciously.
  • Another issue surrounds the lack of exercise, which often comes from a loss of motivation.
  • Often there is stuck energy – in areas of our life where there has been trauma.
  • We often eat to fill up empty spaces -– the feelings of loneliness, abandonment and sadness urge us to the “soothing” comfort of food –- albeit only temporarily.

Here is the good news – all of these underlying issues come from the inside and they can be changed easily and effortlessly!


Gerri Levitas, Certified Hypnotherapist,is the founder of the Inside Out Weight Management Program. The Inside Out Weight Management Program provides a unique, comprehensive approach to weight loss and weight management that combines proven mind/body relaxation techniques and the most balanced and healthy food plan possible.

Becoming “Comfortable” in Your Body

Being Comfortable in Your Body

Are you comfortable in your body? Does this question stir feelings and emotions in you?

As many of you know, I used to struggle with my weight — up and down like a roller coaster, eating sweets for comfort, and every night vowing that tomorrow would be different. Needless to say, I wasn’t comfortable in my body. I was self critical, frustrated and impatient. My self-esteem would fluctuate in direct correlation with the number on the scale.


So what happened? I was guided towards hypnotherapy, where I learned the powerful lessons of acceptance without judgment, compassion and self love -– lessons that helped me become “comfortable” with myself and in my body.

Do you want to hear a secret?

You can become comfortable in your body -– right now! Regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight or not…regardless of what is going on in your life. The point of transformation lies within you at this very moment. The key to becoming comfortable in your body is to love yourself –- completely and deeply, without judgment, and with lots and lots of love.


So go ahead, and open the door to love. For some people it is self-love — for others it is divine love. Open to the love at the core of your being, and watch how you become “comfortable” and at ease.

Gerri Levitas, Certified Hypnotherapist,is the founder of the Inside Out Weight Management Program. The Inside Out Weight Management Program provides a unique, comprehensive approach to weight loss and weight management that combines proven mind/body relaxation techniques and the most balanced and healthy food plan possible.

Are You Eating Your Feelings?

Eating Your FeelingsLet’s face it – life has its challenges. When we feel tired, overwhelmed, overworked and just plain stressed, we often look for a quick fix to “soothe” those bad feelings. We need a quick energy boost – both physically and mentally. We often grab something to eat to quiet those irritating feelings.


The funny thing is that we are not always mindful that we are using food to quell anger, anxiety and tension. We lapse into unconscious eating as a “mental time out” and as a vehicle for stress relief.


Remember the old saying – “It’s not what you’re eating – it’s what’s eating you”.


So what can we do to change this unhealthy habit? Here are some tips:

  • Keep yourself hydrated – drink lots of clear, refreshing water.
  • Start keeping a journal of not only what you are eating, but also your moods.
  • Increase the amounts of vegetables and fruits in your diet
  • Accept yourself unconditionally – becoming mindful is a process. Take your time.
  • Breathe deeply and notice the “sweetness” in the air – let this begin to replace the habit of eating sweets for stress reduction.
  • Slow down your eating and enjoy each bite.
  • Begin the process of weaning away from eating while watching TV or using the computer.


Emotional eating is merely a habit, and habits can be changed. Start becoming mindful of your emotions – the good and the bad. Listen to your body and trust your intuition. Remember – the key is feed yourself LOVING THOUGHTS!

Healthy Eating Tip – Slow Down!

Do you ever eat without thinking? Maybe in front of the TV after a long day? Perhaps grabbing something quick on the run? Eating while lost in thought while driving?


Chances are you are eating too fast!


When we are not mindful of WHAT we are eating, we also are not mindful of HOW MUCH we are eating. Increasing our awareness will enable us to make healthy eating choices.


The best way to increase our mindfulness and awareness is to slow down!


The most commonly recommended tip is to put your knife and fork down between each bite. There is nothing inherently wrong with this suggestion, however, it falls short in one area. By the time we remember to put the utensil down, we often have been eating mindlessly! The key is to harness that mindfulness BEFORE you begin eating.


My tip to eating slowly

Here is my tip to increase your awareness and slow down your eating. Before you even take that first bite, stop and take a slow deep breath. Even better, take two slow, deep breaths. This will signal to your mind that you are now going to transition from whatever activity you were doing before to the new activity – eating. This simple act of intention is a powerful tool to increase your mindfulness. You will naturally and effortlessly slow your eating down.



Healthy Eating Tip – Every Bite Counts!

Healthy MealOvereating…Snacking…Nibbling…What really happens when we find ourselves eating too much? Is it an impulse? A craving? Did you belong to the “Clean Plate Club” when you were growing up?


Have you ever thought that you would start your diet tomorrow? Or perhaps on Monday? You are not alone!


Here are some quick tips to control portion size:


  • Take a deep breath before eating.
    This will put a stop to mindless, unconscious eating.

  • Slow down!
    Put your fork or spoon down between bites. Eating slowly allows us to become mindful and aware – two important elements of healthy eating.

  • Eat until satisfied – not until full!
    Nobody enjoys an overfilled, stuffed stomach.

  • Wait – at least 2 – 21/2 hours between meals.
    Let your metabolism begin to work.


Remember, you don’t have to finish everything on your plate.

Every Bite Counts!

Healthy Eating Tip – the Power of Protein

Grilled chicken breastsEating large amounts of protein is really in now – from body builders downing protein shakes to moms on the go grabbing protein bars as they shuttle their kids between activities. What’s the buzz about?


Protein is an important component in every cell in our body. Our hair and nails are mostly made of protein. Protein is commonly referred to as the “building blocks” of the body. We need it to build and repair our tissues, and to make the hormones on other chemicals in our bodies.


Protein is an essential element of a healthy diet. Yet be careful, because not all protein rich foods are created equal. Make sure you select the leanest cuts of meats available. Processed meats, such as hot dogs, should be avoided because of very high amounts of fat and sodium. Other good sources of protein are eggs (consider just the whites, if you are concerned about cholesterol), fish, beans, nuts, and low-fat dairy.


The Hidden Secret of Protein in Weight Loss

The power of protein lies in the ability to satiate and satisfy the appetite. Recent studies have shown that protein is more satiating than both fat and carbohydrate! Eating protein will stabilize your blood sugar and curb your appetite. Consider protein your friend in losing weight.


Do you have a favorite recipe for a protein rich food?

The Problem with Diets

Weight LossDieting….it may seem that we are always “on” a diet, or “off” a diet. We have our “good” days…and our “bad” days. Maybe we’ll start tomorrow, or even better, start on Monday. Sound all too familiar?

The Problem:

Diets have a beginning, a middle, and an end. By using our will power, we stick with a healthy food plan, for a while. Perhaps we are trying to fit into an article of clothing for a special occasion; perhaps we had a scare from our doctor. The end result is the same – we lose a bit of weight, and then go “off”. We revert easily back to our old habits, and often gain back the weight, and them some. It’s a wild roller coaster ride that leaves us stuck and frustrated.

The Missing Link:

It is imperative to eliminate the negative, self limiting and self sabotaging thoughts in our mind in relation to our food choices, our body image and our self esteem. Without addressing these beliefs, we will remain on that diet roller coaster, and the implications to our health and well being are serious.

The Solution:

Of course you have to make the behavioral changes and make healthy food choices with moderate size portions. Yet it is just as important to make the necessary changes in your thoughts as well – those thoughts that contributed to putting on the extra weight in the first place. Making the INSIDE changes along with the OUTSIDE changes, you will achieve lasting and permanent results.

Have you had challenges with dieting? What has worked for you? What hasn’t?