Feeling Deserving

self-careNot feeling “deserving” is one of the most pervasive self-limiting beliefs in our subconscious mind. We are frequently unaware of this feeling though.


When we don’t feel deserving at this deep level, it becomes hard for us to take time for ourselves, and this translates often into not eating right, not exercising, not sleeping well etc. We usually are not consciously aware of “not feeling deserving”, but insidiously it lurks under the surface.


Our lives are constantly changing, yet our inherent self worth remains constant. It is my belief that it is your right – your birthright – to feel worthy and deserving of a wonderful life. We do not take time to reflect upon this, because we are so caught up in our daily tasks and obligations.


Do you feel deserving? Many of my clients grew up receiving a message that it was “selfish” to take care of one’s self.


In actuality, it is fantastic when we can take care of ourselves! We become better partners, better parents, and all round more productive citizens when we are self directed, feeling strong and deserving. Getting in touch with our own personal power allows us to become true to ourselves and to be the best we can be.

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