How to Feel More Deserving

Adapted from TransformationZ Stress Reduction program.

Feeling deserving…it’s an interesting concept, and one that often seems to confuse us.


After, all, we KNOW that we are worthy and deserving….so why does our self esteem dip so low? Why are we so incredibly hard on ourselves?


More importantly, what can we do to raise our self esteem?


Here is a quick tip that will shift your energy, and give you the mood boost you want.

Just for today, become a Joy Seeker!


So what exactly is a joy-seeker? A joy-seeker is an individual who opens up to the joy around them. Joy is pure and simple. Joy is the delight of being alive. The dictionary defines joy as “great happiness”. We use common expressions such as “jump for joy”. It is a feeling elation. Just for today, open your mind, your thoughts, your emotions, your heart to noticing and receiving moments of joy.


Affirm that you are ready to welcome moments of joy into your life. The feelings of joy are deep within one’s being –they are far deeper than mere “happiness”. When you feel joy there is an excitement, an enthusiasm, an awakening of the spirit that is incredible.


So what is it that really gives YOU that “joyful” feeling?

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