Looking for “Perfection”

I wonder where we got the idea that we have to be “perfect”. Is there even such a thing? Or is that bar constantly being raised so that we never get there?


Put simply…are we good enough, perfect enough, even with our imperfections?


When we make mistakes, as we surely will, we think that we have failed and that we are not measuring up. Yet we all make mistakes – its part of being human.


As one of my clients recently said to me, “That’s why there are erasers on the ends of pencils”. Wise words, indeed.


So what can we do to be free of the self critical voice from within that chides us when we make a mistake?


  • Remember that you are good enough – just for being you…with all of your strengths and with all of your flaws
  • Remember that your flaws are strengths not yet developed
  • Make a commitment to keep developing your strengths
  • Accept yourself with love and compassion
  • Be patient with yourself
  • Never forget that being imperfect is to be human – embrace this, and go out and live your perfectly, imperfect life with joy.

“That’s the Story of my Life”…and How to Change the Old Tapes!

Take a moment to think about the “old tapes” that run through your mind. Here is a familiar one: “That’s the story of my life”. When we have this thought, it usually doesn’t mean that life has been wonderful, easy, happy and joyful. No. It usually means that life has been hard, and that things have always been lousy.


We do this with our health – “all the women in my family gain weight after 40”, and with our finances – “there never has been enough to go around”. You name it, the old tapes are there, and we usually keep whining about the same old thing.


I am working with a client who has so much going for her. I see her as an intelligent, attractive woman with a vibrant energy and a zest for life. She sees herself as a powerless little girl who is always expecting people to leave her. And guess what? She keeps attracting this scenario – over and over again. “That’s the story of my life”.


Our mindsets become our expectations. Our inner beliefs chart the course of our future. For some, there is the mindset of HOPE, for others, HOPELESSNESS. For some, there is the mindset of WEALTH, for others, POVERTY.


So how can we change the old tapes?


We release the old tapes by changing our inner thoughts and moving to a belief that all things are possible. Some people like to refer to this as “abundance”. The law of attraction states that which we focus on expands. To create more ABUNDANCE in our lives, we need to create more ABUNDANT THOUGHTS. To change the OUTSIDE, we have to change the INSIDE.


What thoughts would you like to release?

I Love New Beginnings!

I love new beginnings – filled with hopeful expectancy and the promise of good things to come. I have so many wonderful memories of new beginnings – from the everyday (as a child wearing a new outfit on the first day of school) to the extraordinary (the amazing births of my children).


We often take for granted our everyday moments, without realizing that there is beauty and newness available to us. Just as the sun rises each morning, we have the opportunity to welcome a fresh start to our lives.


I invite you to reflect on your memories of new beginnings. How can you do this? Sit back and close your eyes. Use all your senses. Recreate in your mind and your heart the feelings of a positive and happy memory. There is no right way or wrong way. Enjoy this – it will not only be fun, but you will create a flow of positive energy in your mind and body that will feel fantastic.


Let today be a new beginning for you!

Stress Triggers – Get Rid of Them!


What are these triggers? And how do they manifest?


Most importantly, what can we do about them so that they don’t rule our lives?


A woman is struggling with the harshness of her partner’s tone of voice, which she feels is critical and demanding. She has become so sensitized to listening to his “tone”, that she hardly can hear the words he is saying.


A man is struggling with a feeling of overwhelm as his worries rise in direct correlation to his mounting bills and concerns about financial security. He suffers from anxiety attacks as soon as he walks through the door of his office. Interestingly, the anxiety eases as soon as he gets home.


The first step to releasing the triggers is to become MINDFUL. Accept yourself without judgment. Know that you are doing the best you can at this time.


The next step in releasing the triggers is to know that they are TEMPORARY. It is just a reaction to a thought – and remember, thoughts can be changed.


The final step is to let the feeling MOVE THROUGH YOU and then let it FLOAT AWAY.


Begin to become aware of what triggers your stress. Observe – do not judge.

Do you have any stress triggers that you want to release?

Powerful Ways to Lighten Up Your Day & Have Fun!

Are we having FUN yet??

We have all heard the expression, “Work hard, play hard”. I would like to suggest another expression, “Play easy”. Here’s another one – “Have fun!”


In our everyday, hectic lives we do not often create time to just have fun.


When we lighten up and have fun, we see all things around us in a different light.

Here are some simple yet powerful ways to lighten up your day – and they are FREE!

  • Tell a joke to someone
  • Take a dog for a run
  • Color a picture
  • Visit a zoo
  • Ride a bike
  • Take a hike
  • Take out a map and plan an exotic vacation
    (You need not have to go!)
  • Rent a funny video
  • Make paper animals
  • Blow bubbles
  • Go outside and take photos


Just for today find some moments, indeed, make the moments, to play and have fun. Do something silly. Chances are that it will put a smile on your face!

What do YOU like to do to have FUN?

How to be More Patient

Is patience really a virtue? When we feel stuck in our lives, it is difficult for us to be patient. We are impatient with others, with ourselves and with time.


Sometimes we are faced with circumstances that are beyond our control. Other times the source of our feeling stuck comes from within.


Our negative habitual thinking has been firmly imprinted in our minds. We can become our own worse enemy when it comes to developing patience.


Here are some tips to become more patient~

· Be kind to yourself

· Ask for support

· Trust your intuition – it will always steer you in the right direction

· Release your resistance – go with the flow

· Don’t rush into making hasty decisions – think, and think again

· Change what can be changed

· Be in the present moment with things that you cannot change

· Get clear about your desires

· Take baby steps when necessary

And, as always, DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE!

How to Feel More Deserving

Adapted from TransformationZ Stress Reduction program.

Feeling deserving…it’s an interesting concept, and one that often seems to confuse us.


After, all, we KNOW that we are worthy and deserving….so why does our self esteem dip so low? Why are we so incredibly hard on ourselves?


More importantly, what can we do to raise our self esteem?


Here is a quick tip that will shift your energy, and give you the mood boost you want.

Just for today, become a Joy Seeker!


So what exactly is a joy-seeker? A joy-seeker is an individual who opens up to the joy around them. Joy is pure and simple. Joy is the delight of being alive. The dictionary defines joy as “great happiness”. We use common expressions such as “jump for joy”. It is a feeling elation. Just for today, open your mind, your thoughts, your emotions, your heart to noticing and receiving moments of joy.


Affirm that you are ready to welcome moments of joy into your life. The feelings of joy are deep within one’s being –they are far deeper than mere “happiness”. When you feel joy there is an excitement, an enthusiasm, an awakening of the spirit that is incredible.


So what is it that really gives YOU that “joyful” feeling?

Healthy Eating Tip – Slow Down!

Do you ever eat without thinking? Maybe in front of the TV after a long day? Perhaps grabbing something quick on the run? Eating while lost in thought while driving?


Chances are you are eating too fast!


When we are not mindful of WHAT we are eating, we also are not mindful of HOW MUCH we are eating. Increasing our awareness will enable us to make healthy eating choices.


The best way to increase our mindfulness and awareness is to slow down!


The most commonly recommended tip is to put your knife and fork down between each bite. There is nothing inherently wrong with this suggestion, however, it falls short in one area. By the time we remember to put the utensil down, we often have been eating mindlessly! The key is to harness that mindfulness BEFORE you begin eating.


My tip to eating slowly

Here is my tip to increase your awareness and slow down your eating. Before you even take that first bite, stop and take a slow deep breath. Even better, take two slow, deep breaths. This will signal to your mind that you are now going to transition from whatever activity you were doing before to the new activity – eating. This simple act of intention is a powerful tool to increase your mindfulness. You will naturally and effortlessly slow your eating down.



Good Enough

Adapted from the TransformationZ Stress Reduction program.


When we don’t feel “good enough”, we get stuck in our ruts. Self critical comments fly around in our brain, both on the subconscious and conscious levels. We don’t feel in control, and the stress level escalates rapidly.


At a deep level, not feeling “good enough” emanates from a place of fear, worry, and insecurity. We do not feel trusting and we do not feel loveable. There is usually a resistance, however, to being present with these negative emotions. We close down and power through. “Get a grip”, we say to ourselves. We become impatient and frustrated – with ourselves and others. Many times it is our families that bear the brunt of these feelings.


You are worthy and deserving!


It is my belief that at a core level we are all perfect – even with our imperfections! When we accept ourselves, without criticism or judgment, we can then begin to move forward towards our transformation. Interestingly, accepting ourselves makes it easy to accept others as well.


Here are some ways to feel better~

  • Be kind to yourself
  • Be compassionate
  • Listen inwards to your intuition
  • Be patient
  • Be loving


What do you really LIKE about yourself?

Healthy Eating Tip – Every Bite Counts!

Healthy MealOvereating…Snacking…Nibbling…What really happens when we find ourselves eating too much? Is it an impulse? A craving? Did you belong to the “Clean Plate Club” when you were growing up?


Have you ever thought that you would start your diet tomorrow? Or perhaps on Monday? You are not alone!


Here are some quick tips to control portion size:


  • Take a deep breath before eating.
    This will put a stop to mindless, unconscious eating.

  • Slow down!
    Put your fork or spoon down between bites. Eating slowly allows us to become mindful and aware – two important elements of healthy eating.

  • Eat until satisfied – not until full!
    Nobody enjoys an overfilled, stuffed stomach.

  • Wait – at least 2 – 21/2 hours between meals.
    Let your metabolism begin to work.


Remember, you don’t have to finish everything on your plate.

Every Bite Counts!