Releasing Negative Emotions

Adapted from TransformationZ Stress Reduction Program


Negative emotions. We all have them, and we all wish to be rid of them!


Would you like to learn a way to release negative feelings and emotions in the privacy of your own home?


Sit down in a quiet room, and make yourself relaxed. Close your eyes and take a few deep, relaxing breaths. Begin to imagine that you are walking up a mountain. You are on a well worn path that is very comfortable. The air is clear and crisp and you feel wonderful.


Now imagine that you come to a clearing and it is time to rest. Find a nice spot to sit down. Take another deep breath. Look all around at the beautiful scene. You are safe and secure, ready to release the negative attachments that have been so burdensome. You never realized how easy it could be, for all that you need to do is speak your truth and let your words be carried by the echo of the canyon.


Trust your deep wise mind to guide you towards the words that will be most healing. Again, no right or wrong way. Speak from your heart and let the words echo all around you. Each reverberation of the echo solidifies at the deepest level the release you seek. When ready, imagine that you can stand up and slowly begin walking down the mountain. You will most certainly feel cleansed and refreshed.


Try this out and share your experiences in the comments below.

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