Stress Relief Tip –- Open to the Light

Open to the Light for Stress Relief

One way to reduce our stress is to feel lighter and brighter. When we feel lighter, our mood picks up, we make decisions more easily, and we feel more hopeful and optimistic. We readily shine like the sun!


How can we accomplish this?


One way to FEEL lighter is to imagine it!


Let your mind imagine light from both within –- and around you. Take a moment and pretend that you can shine your light on the areas of yourself that would like some comfort, or healing.


Allow yourself to connect with the spark of light that makes you who you are.


You can also imagine that you can shine your light on others, offering support and guidance. You will find that when you allow your own positive energy to uplift someone else, you will feel more uplifted yourself.

The world becomes a happier place for us all.


Why struggle with stress? Now is the time to welcome calm relaxation into your mind and body. >>

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