Stress Triggers – Get Rid of Them!


What are these triggers? And how do they manifest?


Most importantly, what can we do about them so that they don’t rule our lives?


A woman is struggling with the harshness of her partner’s tone of voice, which she feels is critical and demanding. She has become so sensitized to listening to his “tone”, that she hardly can hear the words he is saying.


A man is struggling with a feeling of overwhelm as his worries rise in direct correlation to his mounting bills and concerns about financial security. He suffers from anxiety attacks as soon as he walks through the door of his office. Interestingly, the anxiety eases as soon as he gets home.


The first step to releasing the triggers is to become MINDFUL. Accept yourself without judgment. Know that you are doing the best you can at this time.


The next step in releasing the triggers is to know that they are TEMPORARY. It is just a reaction to a thought – and remember, thoughts can be changed.


The final step is to let the feeling MOVE THROUGH YOU and then let it FLOAT AWAY.


Begin to become aware of what triggers your stress. Observe – do not judge.

Do you have any stress triggers that you want to release?


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