Your Words Count!

Adapted from the TransformationZ stress reduction program

Words Count
The words we speak are extraordinarily powerful. They have the power to hurt as well as heal. When under stress we communicate without thinking; our words are often tinged with anger and resentment.


Sometimes we withhold, lapsing into the “silent treatment”. Other times we are sullen and critical. These are all coping mechanisms, ways we have learned to adapt to stressful situations.


A good way to stop and think about our words is to slow down and take a breath. I find this so helpful in my life. It opens awareness not just to our words, but also to how we speak as well. For it is not just the words we say but how we say them that is equally important. Often we speak quickly; our words come rushing out fast and furious, without being mindful to our inner feelings. When we open to the awareness of our words, we tend to speak more slowly, and we communicate more thoughtfully.


How do you communicate with others? With your family? With people at work? With yourself?

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