Shining Our Light To Others

sunlightI love the warmth of spring and the promise of newness. The days are getting longer, and finally, the sun is shining! Summer is just around the corner, bringing light to our days.


Here is something to think about. Is there any part of your life that needs more light? Maybe today would be a good day to shine some light inwards. Here is something even more special to think about….what if you could shine some light outwards towards others? Who do you know that could use some comfort or guidance?


I know from my own life experience that when life gets busy our focus can get narrow and we can move through our days powering through and just “getting things done”. The interesting thing is that when we allow our light to flow to others, our own energy becomes more positive and we feel alive and uplifted.


So today, I ask again, who do you know that needs more light? Go ahead, think of them, send good thoughts, and watch a positive shift occur within yourself.


Regardless of what is going on in your present moment, opening to the light makes us feel whole and complete!