The Underlying Issues of Obesity

First of all, I must say that I have always disliked the word “obesity”. The only word I dislike more is the word “fat”.
Being “overweight” is defined as an excessive amount of body weight that may come from muscles, bone, adipose (fat) tissue, and water. “Obesity” is defined as an excessive amount of adipose tissue.

What are the most prevalent issues surrounding obesity?

  • The most common challenge is in the area of emotional eating – we literally “eat” our feelings.  This self medicating behavior occurs both consciously and subconsciously.
  • Another issue surrounds the lack of exercise, which often comes from a loss of motivation.
  • Often there is stuck energy – in areas of our life where there has been trauma.
  • We often eat to fill up empty spaces -– the feelings of loneliness, abandonment and sadness urge us to the “soothing” comfort of food –- albeit only temporarily.

Here is the good news – all of these underlying issues come from the inside and they can be changed easily and effortlessly!


Gerri Levitas, Certified Hypnotherapist,is the founder of the Inside Out Weight Management Program. The Inside Out Weight Management Program provides a unique, comprehensive approach to weight loss and weight management that combines proven mind/body relaxation techniques and the most balanced and healthy food plan possible.

Becoming “Comfortable” in Your Body

Being Comfortable in Your Body

Are you comfortable in your body? Does this question stir feelings and emotions in you?

As many of you know, I used to struggle with my weight — up and down like a roller coaster, eating sweets for comfort, and every night vowing that tomorrow would be different. Needless to say, I wasn’t comfortable in my body. I was self critical, frustrated and impatient. My self-esteem would fluctuate in direct correlation with the number on the scale.


So what happened? I was guided towards hypnotherapy, where I learned the powerful lessons of acceptance without judgment, compassion and self love -– lessons that helped me become “comfortable” with myself and in my body.

Do you want to hear a secret?

You can become comfortable in your body -– right now! Regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight or not…regardless of what is going on in your life. The point of transformation lies within you at this very moment. The key to becoming comfortable in your body is to love yourself –- completely and deeply, without judgment, and with lots and lots of love.


So go ahead, and open the door to love. For some people it is self-love — for others it is divine love. Open to the love at the core of your being, and watch how you become “comfortable” and at ease.

Gerri Levitas, Certified Hypnotherapist,is the founder of the Inside Out Weight Management Program. The Inside Out Weight Management Program provides a unique, comprehensive approach to weight loss and weight management that combines proven mind/body relaxation techniques and the most balanced and healthy food plan possible.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting Healthy Boundaries

When do you know it’s time to set boundaries? When you feel overwhelmed, when it’s hard to say no, and when you have LESS of what you want in life, instead of MORE!

Why set boundaries?

Our boundaries define ourselves and make us feel safe – in body and in spirit. When our boundaries are violated, either intentionally or unintentionally, we may feel a host of emotions – including confusion, anger, numbness, and hurt. When we set healthy boundaries, we increase our own sense of self respect – and we enable others around us to treat us with respect.

It’s your RIGHT to have healthy boundaries!

It is your right to determine the limits of what is acceptable to you and where you need to draw the line with inappropriate or unacceptable words and/or behavior. Indeed, it is your BIRTHRIGHT. Setting healthy boundaries will allow you to live with a feeling of peace, safety and security.

Do you struggle with establishing healthy boundaries?

Here is an AFFIRMATION for you:

I have a right and responsibility to take care of my body and mind.
I deserve to be treated well and with respect.
I embrace my healthy boundaries, and choose to live in peace.

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Stress Relief Tip –- Open to the Light

Open to the Light for Stress Relief

One way to reduce our stress is to feel lighter and brighter. When we feel lighter, our mood picks up, we make decisions more easily, and we feel more hopeful and optimistic. We readily shine like the sun!


How can we accomplish this?


One way to FEEL lighter is to imagine it!


Let your mind imagine light from both within –- and around you. Take a moment and pretend that you can shine your light on the areas of yourself that would like some comfort, or healing.


Allow yourself to connect with the spark of light that makes you who you are.


You can also imagine that you can shine your light on others, offering support and guidance. You will find that when you allow your own positive energy to uplift someone else, you will feel more uplifted yourself.

The world becomes a happier place for us all.


Why struggle with stress? Now is the time to welcome calm relaxation into your mind and body. >>

Releasing Negative Emotions

Adapted from TransformationZ Stress Reduction Program


Negative emotions. We all have them, and we all wish to be rid of them!


Would you like to learn a way to release negative feelings and emotions in the privacy of your own home?


Sit down in a quiet room, and make yourself relaxed. Close your eyes and take a few deep, relaxing breaths. Begin to imagine that you are walking up a mountain. You are on a well worn path that is very comfortable. The air is clear and crisp and you feel wonderful.


Now imagine that you come to a clearing and it is time to rest. Find a nice spot to sit down. Take another deep breath. Look all around at the beautiful scene. You are safe and secure, ready to release the negative attachments that have been so burdensome. You never realized how easy it could be, for all that you need to do is speak your truth and let your words be carried by the echo of the canyon.


Trust your deep wise mind to guide you towards the words that will be most healing. Again, no right or wrong way. Speak from your heart and let the words echo all around you. Each reverberation of the echo solidifies at the deepest level the release you seek. When ready, imagine that you can stand up and slowly begin walking down the mountain. You will most certainly feel cleansed and refreshed.


Try this out and share your experiences in the comments below.

Are You Eating Your Feelings?

Eating Your FeelingsLet’s face it – life has its challenges. When we feel tired, overwhelmed, overworked and just plain stressed, we often look for a quick fix to “soothe” those bad feelings. We need a quick energy boost – both physically and mentally. We often grab something to eat to quiet those irritating feelings.


The funny thing is that we are not always mindful that we are using food to quell anger, anxiety and tension. We lapse into unconscious eating as a “mental time out” and as a vehicle for stress relief.


Remember the old saying – “It’s not what you’re eating – it’s what’s eating you”.


So what can we do to change this unhealthy habit? Here are some tips:

  • Keep yourself hydrated – drink lots of clear, refreshing water.
  • Start keeping a journal of not only what you are eating, but also your moods.
  • Increase the amounts of vegetables and fruits in your diet
  • Accept yourself unconditionally – becoming mindful is a process. Take your time.
  • Breathe deeply and notice the “sweetness” in the air – let this begin to replace the habit of eating sweets for stress reduction.
  • Slow down your eating and enjoy each bite.
  • Begin the process of weaning away from eating while watching TV or using the computer.


Emotional eating is merely a habit, and habits can be changed. Start becoming mindful of your emotions – the good and the bad. Listen to your body and trust your intuition. Remember – the key is feed yourself LOVING THOUGHTS!

Looking for “Perfection”

I wonder where we got the idea that we have to be “perfect”. Is there even such a thing? Or is that bar constantly being raised so that we never get there?


Put simply…are we good enough, perfect enough, even with our imperfections?


When we make mistakes, as we surely will, we think that we have failed and that we are not measuring up. Yet we all make mistakes – its part of being human.


As one of my clients recently said to me, “That’s why there are erasers on the ends of pencils”. Wise words, indeed.


So what can we do to be free of the self critical voice from within that chides us when we make a mistake?


  • Remember that you are good enough – just for being you…with all of your strengths and with all of your flaws
  • Remember that your flaws are strengths not yet developed
  • Make a commitment to keep developing your strengths
  • Accept yourself with love and compassion
  • Be patient with yourself
  • Never forget that being imperfect is to be human – embrace this, and go out and live your perfectly, imperfect life with joy.

“That’s the Story of my Life”…and How to Change the Old Tapes!

Take a moment to think about the “old tapes” that run through your mind. Here is a familiar one: “That’s the story of my life”. When we have this thought, it usually doesn’t mean that life has been wonderful, easy, happy and joyful. No. It usually means that life has been hard, and that things have always been lousy.


We do this with our health – “all the women in my family gain weight after 40”, and with our finances – “there never has been enough to go around”. You name it, the old tapes are there, and we usually keep whining about the same old thing.


I am working with a client who has so much going for her. I see her as an intelligent, attractive woman with a vibrant energy and a zest for life. She sees herself as a powerless little girl who is always expecting people to leave her. And guess what? She keeps attracting this scenario – over and over again. “That’s the story of my life”.


Our mindsets become our expectations. Our inner beliefs chart the course of our future. For some, there is the mindset of HOPE, for others, HOPELESSNESS. For some, there is the mindset of WEALTH, for others, POVERTY.


So how can we change the old tapes?


We release the old tapes by changing our inner thoughts and moving to a belief that all things are possible. Some people like to refer to this as “abundance”. The law of attraction states that which we focus on expands. To create more ABUNDANCE in our lives, we need to create more ABUNDANT THOUGHTS. To change the OUTSIDE, we have to change the INSIDE.


What thoughts would you like to release?