Singin’ the Blues – and How to Change the Tune!

jumping-for-joyYou know the feeling -– when everything seems to be “off”, you are not on your game, and quite frankly, you feel lousy.


In a funk…down and out…there are many expressions for this feeling. The music industry is loaded with soulful, sad songs. Does it actually make us feel better to listen to these lyrics? Does misery really love company?


More importantly, what can we do to get ourselves out of the rut?


Here is a powerful tip that I have found to be helpful – with myself and with my clients.


Get moving!


Moving into action helps release the stress and shifts both body and mind towards positive energy.


We free up a tremendous amount of energy when we move our bodies. Our bodies were designed to move. Too often when we are stressed we forget to move; we can even forget to breathe deeply.


Spending too much time in our thoughts prevent us from clear thinking and clear decisions. Moving your body will free up energy –- not just physical, but mental as well.