Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting Healthy Boundaries

When do you know it’s time to set boundaries? When you feel overwhelmed, when it’s hard to say no, and when you have LESS of what you want in life, instead of MORE!

Why set boundaries?

Our boundaries define ourselves and make us feel safe – in body and in spirit. When our boundaries are violated, either intentionally or unintentionally, we may feel a host of emotions – including confusion, anger, numbness, and hurt. When we set healthy boundaries, we increase our own sense of self respect – and we enable others around us to treat us with respect.

It’s your RIGHT to have healthy boundaries!

It is your right to determine the limits of what is acceptable to you and where you need to draw the line with inappropriate or unacceptable words and/or behavior. Indeed, it is your BIRTHRIGHT. Setting healthy boundaries will allow you to live with a feeling of peace, safety and security.

Do you struggle with establishing healthy boundaries?

Here is an AFFIRMATION for you:

I have a right and responsibility to take care of my body and mind.
I deserve to be treated well and with respect.
I embrace my healthy boundaries, and choose to live in peace.

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Creating Rituals

creating-ritualsI saw a fascinating exhibit at a museum this week. The topic was “Creating Rituals”, and people were invited to post on a bulletin board the many rituals involved in their lives.


What an amazing glimpse into the private reflections of ordinary folks. So many people have rituals that go far beyond the usual ones of lighting candles, saying a prayer or giving thanks.


So what is a ritual? Wikipedia defines a ritual as “a set of actions, performed mainly for their symbolic value.” Rituals add meaning to the ordinary and strengthen our connections.


Can creating rituals make a change in your life? Definitely! Our rituals are personal and transformative.


Give some thought to the current rituals in your life – and then think about adding another one or two.


Focus your attention – and intention – on the things that you do, like, and enjoy….and watch them gain more significance. Have fun with this!


What are your current rituals & what rituals have you added?