Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting Healthy Boundaries

When do you know it’s time to set boundaries? When you feel overwhelmed, when it’s hard to say no, and when you have LESS of what you want in life, instead of MORE!

Why set boundaries?

Our boundaries define ourselves and make us feel safe – in body and in spirit. When our boundaries are violated, either intentionally or unintentionally, we may feel a host of emotions – including confusion, anger, numbness, and hurt. When we set healthy boundaries, we increase our own sense of self respect – and we enable others around us to treat us with respect.

It’s your RIGHT to have healthy boundaries!

It is your right to determine the limits of what is acceptable to you and where you need to draw the line with inappropriate or unacceptable words and/or behavior. Indeed, it is your BIRTHRIGHT. Setting healthy boundaries will allow you to live with a feeling of peace, safety and security.

Do you struggle with establishing healthy boundaries?

Here is an AFFIRMATION for you:

I have a right and responsibility to take care of my body and mind.
I deserve to be treated well and with respect.
I embrace my healthy boundaries, and choose to live in peace.

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Stress Relief Tip –- Open to the Light

Open to the Light for Stress Relief

One way to reduce our stress is to feel lighter and brighter. When we feel lighter, our mood picks up, we make decisions more easily, and we feel more hopeful and optimistic. We readily shine like the sun!


How can we accomplish this?


One way to FEEL lighter is to imagine it!


Let your mind imagine light from both within –- and around you. Take a moment and pretend that you can shine your light on the areas of yourself that would like some comfort, or healing.


Allow yourself to connect with the spark of light that makes you who you are.


You can also imagine that you can shine your light on others, offering support and guidance. You will find that when you allow your own positive energy to uplift someone else, you will feel more uplifted yourself.

The world becomes a happier place for us all.


Why struggle with stress? Now is the time to welcome calm relaxation into your mind and body. >>

“That’s the Story of my Life”…and How to Change the Old Tapes!

Take a moment to think about the “old tapes” that run through your mind. Here is a familiar one: “That’s the story of my life”. When we have this thought, it usually doesn’t mean that life has been wonderful, easy, happy and joyful. No. It usually means that life has been hard, and that things have always been lousy.


We do this with our health – “all the women in my family gain weight after 40”, and with our finances – “there never has been enough to go around”. You name it, the old tapes are there, and we usually keep whining about the same old thing.


I am working with a client who has so much going for her. I see her as an intelligent, attractive woman with a vibrant energy and a zest for life. She sees herself as a powerless little girl who is always expecting people to leave her. And guess what? She keeps attracting this scenario – over and over again. “That’s the story of my life”.


Our mindsets become our expectations. Our inner beliefs chart the course of our future. For some, there is the mindset of HOPE, for others, HOPELESSNESS. For some, there is the mindset of WEALTH, for others, POVERTY.


So how can we change the old tapes?


We release the old tapes by changing our inner thoughts and moving to a belief that all things are possible. Some people like to refer to this as “abundance”. The law of attraction states that which we focus on expands. To create more ABUNDANCE in our lives, we need to create more ABUNDANT THOUGHTS. To change the OUTSIDE, we have to change the INSIDE.


What thoughts would you like to release?

I Love New Beginnings!

I love new beginnings – filled with hopeful expectancy and the promise of good things to come. I have so many wonderful memories of new beginnings – from the everyday (as a child wearing a new outfit on the first day of school) to the extraordinary (the amazing births of my children).


We often take for granted our everyday moments, without realizing that there is beauty and newness available to us. Just as the sun rises each morning, we have the opportunity to welcome a fresh start to our lives.


I invite you to reflect on your memories of new beginnings. How can you do this? Sit back and close your eyes. Use all your senses. Recreate in your mind and your heart the feelings of a positive and happy memory. There is no right way or wrong way. Enjoy this – it will not only be fun, but you will create a flow of positive energy in your mind and body that will feel fantastic.


Let today be a new beginning for you!

How’s Your Sleeping?

sleeping-peacefullyHas this ever happened to you – you crawl into bed, tired, exhausted and DETERMINED to fall asleep quickly, only to find yourself tossing and turning an hour later?


Or maybe this scenario – you fall asleep quickly, but find yourself waking up at around 3 or 4am, and unable to fall back to sleep?

Frustrating, isn’t it??


This often happens when we are under stress. Too many thoughts swirling in our brain and no way to process them! Overwhelmed, we will ourselves to break the pattern, but those old thoughts just keep swirling and swirling, round and round. The fatigue builds, the stress expands, and all we want to do is GET TO SLEEP!


How to Break the Habit?


The secret key to falling asleep easily, or falling back to sleep, is to stop trying! You see, the harder you “try” to fall asleep, the more it evades you. The key to getting a good night’s sleep actually lies in not “trying”, but “allowing” your body and mind to be quiet, peaceful and at ease.


Quick Tip to Getting a Good Night Sleep


Here is an exercise from my TranformationZ 30-day Stress Reduction Program. Try it for a few nights and notice your sleep become deep and restful. Do this exercise right before bed.


Creating a Shield of Light

  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Ask that all that you do or experience be for the highest and most loving good
  • Visualize a stream of light coming from above your head and flowing over your body
  • You can imagine this light in any color
  • Allow the light to flow in, through and around you
  • Ask that the light protect you from anything that is not for your highest and most loving good and that it help you to be open to your intuition and higher self
  • Let a deep calm spread over you – snuggle up, and close your eyes.

Good night, Sleep tight!