Bay Healing Success Stories!

“The hypnotherapy was life changing. Gerri is genuinely friendly and is very positive. I developed an ability to look at myself objectively for the first time.”
Walnut Creek

“I loved the hypnosis sessions. I felt safe, and I felt that Gerri understood what I was trying to accomplish. I loved the CDs – I sleep like a baby!”
Walnut Creek

“I love the speed at which the hypnotherapy is effective. Gerri’s warm, trustworthy, professional, and non-judgmental attitude was amazing. The growth potential is so much more than I ever expected or thought possible.”

“I love Gerri’s music and her sincerity. She helped my build confidence, calmed me down, and helped me understand that basically everyone goes through similar problems. Thank you for all your help.”

“I loved Gerri’s calm, assuring manner. The CDs are great and I love the different techniques. Gerri is accommodating, flexible and very kind.”

“I can finally sleep at night! My phobias that I have had for my entire life don’t seem to affect me as much as they used to. I can now cope with stress. Before coming to hypnosis, I would toss and turn all night. Now, I use hypnosis to place my body in a new, relaxing environment. Everything is great!”

“Insomnia has been a problem most of my life. I have found that after hypnotherapy, I sleep more hours per night and when I awaken in the middle of the night I can relax and go back to sleep. I no longer ruminate about situations in my life. I make a decision and feel comfortable with it. I feel emotionally stable. Gerri has an incredible way of gently dealing with people and honing in on the areas that need to be dealt with.”
Gwen Dwiggins

“The hypnosis was informative and relaxing. I have seen an improvement in my sleeping patterns and have an ability to reduce anxiousness when sleeping.”
Vicki Park

“I loved the hypnosis sessions! There is no pressure, and it is a relaxing atmosphere. I feel that I have learned things that I will use forever. Gerri helped me discover that I can be me. I don’t have to be the best and I don’t have to apologize for being different.”

“Gerri, you are understanding, and genuine in wanting to help others. You helped me with several issues – weight loss, insomnia, and better managing my time so that I can take care of myself. I feel that you have given me great tools for me to succeed. Thank you!”

“I loved the time you spent talking with me about what I wanted to work on. Your voice is very pleasant and is so relaxing and calming and soothing. Your room is relaxing and I totally enjoyed the entire experience. I think you are wonderful!”
Beth Neudell

“I loved the support. Working with my subconscious mind is very powerful. I never felt rushed or pressured. I loved getting the CDs for listening to again and again.”

“Gerri has changed my life with hypnotherapy. Not only is her voice soothing while she moves you into a deep relaxed state, but her “talk therapy” is wonderful as well. As a massage therapist, I use A LOT of my own energy to heal others and sometimes it leaves me drained. Gerri has given me the skills to keep up the level of energy to do my job by relaxing and grounding my mind. I have also grown so much from the hypnotherapy in ways I never thought I could reach. I have more self confidence, self love, and joy in my life than EVER! I am very grateful and blessed to have Gerri in my life.”
Jessica Frame CMT
Pleasant Hill

“Gerri creates a safe place to explore personal issues, and has conveyed genuine interest in helping me achieve positive change. She has provided great insights and suggestions for personal growth and development, and has taught me skills that I use regularly. Hypnotherapy is really improving my life, and I’m so glad I found a therapist as skilled, compassionate and supportive as Gerri Levitas. I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in personal growth and positive change.”
Al Robinson

“Overall, I feel like a completely different person. I went from being a pessimist to being an optimist. Because of this change, many positive things are happening in my life! That is a HUGE change and I love it and embrace it!

“Each session was geared to the specific areas that I wanted to work on. From the start, I felt safe, relaxed and able to trust. My metabolism has increased and I’m losing weight without thinking about it. Also, I can control my back pain without pain medication.”
Karin Shields

“I recently contacted Gerri Levitas for help with insomnia, from which I had suffered for decades. I was determined to stop taking Ambien to help me sleep, as I needed higher doses over time and it was causing me to have severe nightmares. After three sessions of hypnotherapy with Gerri and a further two weeks of listening to my session tapes at bedtime, I began to sleep for longer and longer periods without interruption - first for 3 hours, then 4, then 5. With Gerri’s help I have achieved my goal of getting between 6 and 7 hours of restful sleep each night. Gerri’s a gem with a wonderfully soothing voice and a true understanding of how hypnotherapy can help one deal with a wide variety of problems. Thank you, Gerri!”
Irma Lubbe
Walnut Creek

“My experience with Gerri has been simply magnificent and magical. I went to her seeking help. After having had a few sessions with Gerri, I feel transformed and have managed to find inner peace. I feel more centered, joyful, peaceful, encouraged, secure, confident. In addition to feeling so much more grounded, Gerri has prepared tapes for me to listen to that enable me to continue to ride this great wave. I feel empowered! I feel grateful! Life is great! Thank you Gerri for sharing your magic!”
Walnut Creek

“I went to see Gerri about a weight issue. She helped me understand and acknowledge those parts of myself that needed attention and clarification in order to let go of some additional weight I had gained from the past year. I lost 20 lbs in 2 months with Gerri’s help and guidance. Gerri helped me remove some negative deep-seated thoughts that prevented me from making the changes that I wanted in my life. When it comes to change, any kind of change, Gerri can and will help make it a permanent change.”

“I am happy to recommend Gerri’s hypnosis services. After many years of struggle, I have finally lost the weight. I feel happy and healthy.”
Pleasant Hill

“Thank you for helping me to reduce my blood pressure. I feel more relaxed now than I have in a long time!”

“I feel very comfortable with you. You helped me find who I am. You helped me regain my emotions. You helped make my life beautiful again.”
Pleasant Hill

“I really liked the relaxation and the immediate results. The relief of pain in my neck and shoulders was truly a miracle.”
Beri Kasper

“I received increased thought clarity and a more focused sense of activity direction on a daily basis. You are professional and thoughtful. It was just perfect.”
Ken Johnson

“Your non-judgmental stance put me at ease, more so than I had first expected. I loved your angelic, sweet voice and your recordings.”
Hiro Lazars

“I felt completely safe and enjoyed immensely the entire experience with you. I feel that I have a life-time tool to use for many other issues. It was a life changing experience that I will never forget and a tool that I will look forward to using in the future.”
Kathryn Stabulis
Pleasant Hill

“Your kind and caring attitude made all the difference. I now have the ‘will’ to fight for my health despite any obstacle that arises. ”
Sherry Ashley

“First of all, the hypnotherapy really did work for me. You went out of your way to help overcome my initial skepticism. I got what I came for: a better ability to control my after-meals eating.”
Thomas Jupille

“It worked! I am still not drinking after 7 weeks! I have recovered my health and my peace of mind.”
Barbara Carpenter
Walnut Creek

“Your approach and understanding of my issues allowed me to open up and let go. I always felt secure and very comfortable around you. You built instant trust. I know that you were able to listen and understand what was going on in my life and target our sessions. Your service really helped me.”
Pleasant Hill

“It was a comfortable environment and was a relaxing/peaceful experience. I believe that having a CD of the session is the most important benefit I received, which is wonderful!
Candace Walters

“It works! You provide a safe, relaxing environment. Nothing is rushed, nothing intrudes. You bring an ideal combination of warmth and professionalism to your work.”
Lindsay Gower
Pleasant Hill

“I am sleeping better – which is exactly what I had hoped for in seeing you!”
Wendy Bartlett

“You helped me find my SMILE again!”
John Malanca
Walnut Creek

The hypnotherapy was life-changing! You were genuinely friendly and very positive. I was able to look at myself objectively for the first time.”
Morton P

The hypnotherapy was life-changing! You were genuinely friendly and very positive. I was able to look at myself objectively for the first time.”
Charles D
Pleasant Hill

“As an objective listener, you allowed me to explore the opportunity for hypnosis to help me solve personal issues. By understanding my needs better, you directed the sessions towards tangible goals. Trust was easily established. You allowed me to imagine great changes in myself.”
Aaron B

“Thank you for helping my 7 year-old daughter to overcome her fears. She felt strong and brave after the sessions. I really liked how you guided her in using her imagination.”
Caryn Delgado

“Thank you, Gerri. I felt you and your space were safe, peaceful and accepting. I learned to relax quite a bit. I’m falling asleep more quickly, and I’m sleeping through the night. I’m relaxing more during the day, and pausing to think, relax and consider for a moment, before I make a ‘bad’ decision about food.”