Are You Eating Your Feelings?

Eating Your FeelingsLet’s face it – life has its challenges. When we feel tired, overwhelmed, overworked and just plain stressed, we often look for a quick fix to “soothe” those bad feelings. We need a quick energy boost – both physically and mentally. We often grab something to eat to quiet those irritating feelings.


The funny thing is that we are not always mindful that we are using food to quell anger, anxiety and tension. We lapse into unconscious eating as a “mental time out” and as a vehicle for stress relief.


Remember the old saying – “It’s not what you’re eating – it’s what’s eating you”.


So what can we do to change this unhealthy habit? Here are some tips:

  • Keep yourself hydrated – drink lots of clear, refreshing water.
  • Start keeping a journal of not only what you are eating, but also your moods.
  • Increase the amounts of vegetables and fruits in your diet
  • Accept yourself unconditionally – becoming mindful is a process. Take your time.
  • Breathe deeply and notice the “sweetness” in the air – let this begin to replace the habit of eating sweets for stress reduction.
  • Slow down your eating and enjoy each bite.
  • Begin the process of weaning away from eating while watching TV or using the computer.


Emotional eating is merely a habit, and habits can be changed. Start becoming mindful of your emotions – the good and the bad. Listen to your body and trust your intuition. Remember – the key is feed yourself LOVING THOUGHTS!


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