Healthy Eating Tip – Slow Down!

Do you ever eat without thinking? Maybe in front of the TV after a long day? Perhaps grabbing something quick on the run? Eating while lost in thought while driving?


Chances are you are eating too fast!


When we are not mindful of WHAT we are eating, we also are not mindful of HOW MUCH we are eating. Increasing our awareness will enable us to make healthy eating choices.


The best way to increase our mindfulness and awareness is to slow down!


The most commonly recommended tip is to put your knife and fork down between each bite. There is nothing inherently wrong with this suggestion, however, it falls short in one area. By the time we remember to put the utensil down, we often have been eating mindlessly! The key is to harness that mindfulness BEFORE you begin eating.


My tip to eating slowly

Here is my tip to increase your awareness and slow down your eating. Before you even take that first bite, stop and take a slow deep breath. Even better, take two slow, deep breaths. This will signal to your mind that you are now going to transition from whatever activity you were doing before to the new activity – eating. This simple act of intention is a powerful tool to increase your mindfulness. You will naturally and effortlessly slow your eating down.



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