The Problem with Diets

Weight LossDieting….it may seem that we are always “on” a diet, or “off” a diet. We have our “good” days…and our “bad” days. Maybe we’ll start tomorrow, or even better, start on Monday. Sound all too familiar?

The Problem:

Diets have a beginning, a middle, and an end. By using our will power, we stick with a healthy food plan, for a while. Perhaps we are trying to fit into an article of clothing for a special occasion; perhaps we had a scare from our doctor. The end result is the same – we lose a bit of weight, and then go “off”. We revert easily back to our old habits, and often gain back the weight, and them some. It’s a wild roller coaster ride that leaves us stuck and frustrated.

The Missing Link:

It is imperative to eliminate the negative, self limiting and self sabotaging thoughts in our mind in relation to our food choices, our body image and our self esteem. Without addressing these beliefs, we will remain on that diet roller coaster, and the implications to our health and well being are serious.

The Solution:

Of course you have to make the behavioral changes and make healthy food choices with moderate size portions. Yet it is just as important to make the necessary changes in your thoughts as well – those thoughts that contributed to putting on the extra weight in the first place. Making the INSIDE changes along with the OUTSIDE changes, you will achieve lasting and permanent results.

Have you had challenges with dieting? What has worked for you? What hasn’t?


  1. says

    Gerri, this post truly resonates with me since I have been in the “diet” mindset before. I’ve found that my thoughts have a great deal to do with my nutrition choices and hypnotherapy has helped me deal with these thoughts especially when making long-term lifestyle changes.

    Thanks for a great post!

    Fitness Trainer

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