Stress Reduction
Feeling edgy and out of sorts? Feeling overwhelmed? It may be that life’s daily demands and stresses are affecting you in a negative way.

Current research now demonstrates the negative effect of stress upon our bodies. It is quite sobering, indeed. We are learning now that the effects of stress are even more profound than even realized before. Stress not only alters our bodies – it alters our minds as well. Prolonged stress can sensitize the body and create changes in brain chemistry. The onslaught of these stress chemicals has been shown scientifically to correlate with disease.

So here’s the good news ~
Hypnosis is a powerful tool to minimize this effect. Hypnosis will guide you into a place calmness and relaxation. There are so many positive benefits of having a relaxed body; you can release tension, lower your blood pressure, make better decisions, have more energy, and achieve a state of well being.


  • Hypnosis helps us make reduce the clutter – in our homes and in our minds.
  • Hypnosis enables us accept the things we cannot change – without judgment.
  • Hypnosis assists us in feeling more energized.
  • Hypnosis leads to more fulfillment and well-being.

Hypnosis allows us to both reduce the amount of stress we experience as well as learning to manage the stress we do have in our lives. We learn to take control and to make time for ourselves. We are guided towards accepting ourselves without judgment and releasing our self limiting blocks. We learn new responses to old triggers.

Stop Smoking
Did you know that it is estimated that there are 45 million smokers in America? Would you or someone you love like to be smoke free? Do you believe it is possible to be smoke free?
Most people who wish to stop smoking have the desire, but experience strong cravings in their attempt to stop.  hat initial first puff gives the smoker a sense of a “mental time-out” which is habitually comfortable.

Hypnosis is effective in smoking cessation by diminishing the person’s desire for cigarettes and strengthening their belief that they will remain smoke free. During hypnosis the suggestions are given to eliminate all cravings. The behavioral connections of cigarettes are released. The person releases the cigarettes easily and without withdrawal symptoms.


  • No more smoking with your coffee
  • No more smoking after meals
  • No more smoking if you feel bored
  • No more smoking if you feel stressed

Give yourself the gift of being smoke free. Your body will thank you!

Weight Loss
Obesity is a major problem, not only in the United States, but globally as well. Approximately 17 billion adults are considered obese, while at least 312 million are clinically obese. Americans are consuming more calories than they did 30 years ago, and the increase is three times greater in women than in men. This major epidemic is not restricted to adults as noted by the growing number of overweight children. In fact, we are seeing that 50% of overweight children and teens remain overweight as adult.

Utilizing hypnosis for weight loss has been around for a long time. In 2004 Dateline NBC produced an informative special on different methods for losing weight. They chronicled 6 people, each trying a different method.  The most impressive result was one person who followed a program of dietary changes along with hypnosis and lost 35 pounds in 10 months.

The goal is ultimately to not only lose the weight, but to keep it off. To achieve this goal you need to create both external and internal changes. Obviously you need to make the behavioral changes and eat healthy, nutritious foods in moderate portions. The problem arises when there are negative, subconscious and self limiting thoughts that sabotage our efforts. Weight loss hypnosis is the most powerful key to permanently releasing these negative beliefs.

Effortlessly, we release cravings, eat smaller portions, and get a handle on emotional eating. We drink enough water and less alcohol. We begin to exercise, or we become motivated to maintaining our exercising. We stop our night eating and our snacking.


  • Never again will you not eat if you are not hungry
  • You will make healthier food choices – naturally
  • Hypnosis will assist you in releasing all of the food triggers of the past
  • Your weight loss will be lasting and permanent

Weight loss hypnosis is designed to help you achieve your goals easily and effortlessly. When we change our inner thoughts around food the old behaviors are released. We begin to look better and feel better. We develop more confidence and have a more accepting body image. You will find that you will not eat if you are not hungry. Most importantly, once the weight is released, you will never have to struggle with it again!

Pain Management
The mind is a powerful tool in managing pain. We all have heard stories of athletes suffering an injury during a competition, yet are so focused in their game that they only feel a twinge until later.

There is evidence that the brain can modify a person’s perception of pain and thereby alter their experience of that pain. Psychological factors can play a role in the way an individual can tolerate and cope with pain.  Many times anxiety is experienced, which leads to a greater perception of pain. During hypnosis, the pain is just not perceived, as opposed to experiencing it with greater tolerance.

A person can be guided towards a reduction in fear, tension and anxiety. This enables the pain sensations to be minimized. Positive imagery guides the mind’s attention away from the pain and significant relief is experienced. Hypnosis can be applied for both acute pain and chronic pain.

There are many positive benefits from applying hypnosis for pain management. You gain a needed sense of control over your body. You can modify the emotional perception of the pain. Studies have shown that people undergoing hypnosis before surgery required less pain medication after surgery.

For most of us, it is not unusual to have occasional trouble in falling asleep. Maybe we have a lot on our minds. We find ourselves tossing and turning, replaying events in our minds; often filling our minds with worry and fearful thoughts. Maybe we fall asleep easily but awaken and find it difficult to get back to sleep.

The problem arises when this situation goes from being an occasional occurrence to a chronic and repeating habit. We find ourselves cranky and irritable during the day, and unable to function at our highest capacity.

Often, what occurs at a subconscious level is another worry thought: “What if this happens again tonight?”  Once this thought is there the subconscious mind will do what it does best – listen to that thought and manifest the experience. Worrying about falling asleep will keep you awake! Since this thought is subconscious, which is below the level of our awareness, it is difficult if not impossible to change it consciously. Ironically, we find ourselves repeating the same pattern we are desperately trying to change.

In hypnosis, the mind and the body relax at a deep level. Muscle tension is released. Positive suggestions are received by the subconscious mind, allowing the person to release the “thought” about sleeping. Once that is released, the person can drift off to a natural, deep and restful sleep. Consequently, even if a person awakens in the night, they will be able to easily drift back into restful sleep.


  • Train your mind to fall asleep faster
  • Get back to sleep easily if you awaken in the night
  • Enjoy pleasant dreams
  • Wake up feeling refreshed and alert!

Hypnosis is the most powerful tool to break the cycle of insomnia. Get the deep and peaceful night’s sleep you desire – and deserve!